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The software is to provide an accurate description of business needs, regardless of the technology used and this software is designed specifically for billing owners.

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What M8 BillMate can do for you?


We offer billing software that allows us to keep track of everything related to our clients, such as their account balances, account histories, invoices, quotations, and payments.


Business reports are included in our billing software to help you better understand your business performance.


Data backup is fully automated in all of our billing software, and it is multi-location compatible. You don't need to remind yourself to back up your data.


Using BillMate’s software, owners can check their business data and manage their businesses more effectively.


BillMate can export data in CSV excel format for future reference. CSV documents can be directly downloaded from software itself.

It's easy to bill

With BillMate invoice, you can easily create and send invoices. It only takes a few clicks. Utilize our BillMate invoice to maximize your billing.

Who can access?

Online BillMate software lets you manage your business from anywhere and all owners, managers, supervisors, and cashiers have their own dashboards.

Enhanced Security

BillMate cloud billing software is easy to use and extremely secure and it protects transaction data, customer identity, and most importantly cost.

Simple and digital

Counting is everything and numbers will tell you anything

BillMate billing software allows you to secure your data in billing in addition to splitting up taxes automatically without any extra effort.

Why BillMate?

BillMate provide an accurate description of business needs, regardless of the technology used and this software is designed specifically for billing owners, managers, supervisors & cashiers. This information is required for data architects, application architects, and technical architects to develop a solution that meets the needs of the business.

Ассessible From Anywhere for Users

The BillMate software is typically cloud-based, allowing you to manage estimates and invoices from anywhere. After registration, owners can see the number of managers, supervisors, and cashiers in their respective entities on the dashboard and the managers can access their dashboard using the entity ID provided by the directors.


Easily Navigable

You can manage all of your sales transactions in one place, such as bills, income, expenses, and more. A bar chart represents the monthly sales value of the business compares and contrasts expense and income values. Owners can see their income, expenses, branches, and reports. The manager can see their products, suppliers, and customers, and the supervisor can see their products, suppliers, and the cashier's dashboard and exchange menu.


How to video

Check out the video below to see BillMate in action compared to today's technology.

M8 BillMate Demo Video

Discover how to get started with M8 BillMate.

Payment & Adjustments

Keeping track of payments and account adjustments is an important part of any business, and our billing software makes this process much easier. Various payment methods are supported, including cash, bank transfer, and mobile wallets. It is easy to modify previous payments and adjustments, and the benefits are managed without an accountant.


The idea of billing without barcode scanning is unthinkable today. With our billing software, you can manage inventory and billing easily and accurately with any compatible barcode scanner on the market.

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